On the surface it may seem like a gimmick, designed to allow middle-aged men to live out their childhood Bond fantasies, but the F-Pace’s so-called Activity Key is actually a smart addition.

The idea is that when you go surfing or for a swim, or do any of those crossover lifestyle things, you don’t have to carry the key fob and merely wear the aforementioned Activity Key like a watch. It disables any smart key that’s left inside the vehicle and lock-unlock features are controlled by placing the Activity Key on the ‘J’ of the Jaguar badge (the antenna for the key is behind it) on the boot lid. Once you’re done, just press the boot lid button and repeat the process to unlock the car.

However, the Activity Key has a wider use if you simply don’t like carrying a bulky key in your pocket, say, when you’re out shopping in a mall. Or if, like me, you have a tendency to lose stuff easily. It’s a simple idea but one that works quite well.