I do not know the men (or women) responsible for selecting the materials that go into the making of an Audi’s cabin, but I must say they’re doing a stellar job and if I were their boss I would immediately give them a raise. For any car with a premium badge on the nose, the experience begins the moment you open the door. And the S3 does not disappoint.

Never mind the fact that it is one of the cheapest Audis you can buy today, the cabin fully matches the car’s premium leanings. The plastics are great to the touch and the leather supple. More importantly, not only does everything look suitably upscale, it smells expensive in here too. No, really.

To be brutally frank the fit and finish in the S3 quite easily trumps the interior quality of many so-called non-German premium cars that cost twice as much. The layout is very well thought out and practical too. There are no ergonomic eccentricities and everything is very sensible. It’s a job well done, Audi.