This is my second stint with our long-term S90 and I must admit that I totally ‘get’ this car now. I was, perhaps like many out there, sceptical about its German-beating proclamations, but this car delivers on every level.

Sure it takes acclimatisation. The four-cylinder engine, for instance, initially feels a little grumpy and not exactly eager to play along, but on the move it is not wanting when it comes to power. It delivers more than adequate shove as an when required.

At cruising speeds it is very, very smooth too. Couple that with the supremely comfortable seats and a truly premium cabin and you have a proper executive saloon. It’s extremely spacious, too, and everything is sensibly laid out and falls easily to hand.

Admittedly, I am a fan of German cars and I respect the amount and quality of engineering that goes into building them. On the other hand, I am happy that there is finally a car that presents itself as a truly worthy alternative to these segment stalwarts. BMW, Merc, Audi... like it or not but Volvo has arrived.