Electric windows are great — if you can locate the switch to operate them. It’d appear Jaguar wants to confuse us by placing the buttons that control all four windows at the very top of the driver side door card and just millimetres from the edge of the dash, rather than the place that almost all other carmakers opt for, that being on the armrest.

Now, this has proven to be a terrible place for yours truly, who in spite of wheeling the F-Pace for the weekend, was still stabbing away at the buttons on the armrest and inadvertently adjusting the seat rather than winding the window up or down. This has been especially annoying as Kinan, who — and there’s no polite way of saying this — is fat, had the Jag before I did and had set M1 to his preference so every time I accidently pushed that very switch, the seat slid miles back in order to make room for his stomach, otherwise he’d be steering the wheel with it... I’ve since set the buttons to my liking but when I give the Jag back to him, I’ll make sure that one of them sends the chair as close to the wheel as possible. You can think of this as my little game of Russian roulette. Mwahaha!