In my last long-term update I think I may have gone on a little bit about how much fun the S3 is. And while I do stand by everything that I said, I have to add that the above statement comes with a proviso. The S3 is tremendous fun as long as it is in Dynamic mode and the transmission is in either Sport or Manual.

In Normal setting there is a substantial amount of turbo lag. You nail the throttle, the gearbox fumbles for a bit, eventually finds the right gear, and the right revs, the boost builds and you’re off. Yes, as long drawn-out as that sounds, this is exactly what happens. There is a good second or so between ask and receive. Just leave it in Dynamic.

On the upside though, and despite my, let’s say, brisk driving, the S3 has managed to deliver a surprisingly frugal
10.9 litres per 100km. I struggled to get a similar number, and I tried almost every fuel-saving trick in the book, from a hybrid Lexus GS a few years ago!

So you can drive the S3 the way it’s meant to be driven and yet burn less fuel than a hybrid. That’s quite an achievement, wouldn’t you say?