This week I have wrangled the key to the long-term Koleos from my colleague Kinan — regular readers will know that he is one of the nicest people in the wheels office. However, I must say that being consistently subjected to the tradition of receiving a test car running on fumes has made him somewhat bitter. The Koleos was nearly empty, which means that I have to resort to Eco mode to make it to the nearest petrol station.

I must admit though, even in polar-bear saving mode it’s more responsive than you would expect a 168 horsepower, 1,604kg car to be. It’s not rapid, but there is plenty of go for most everyday driving situations.

The suspension is surprisingly firmer than you would expect too. This means the Koleos rides harsher than our benchmark car in the crossover segment, the Ford Edge. On the upside, that does give the Renault greater poise around sharp corners, even at relatively high speeds. Personally, I think the ride could be a touch more compliant. If I wanted a sporty ride, I’d buy a sportscar, not a high-riding family crossover.

Overall though, the Koleos is practical and very, very spacious for a vehicle of these dimensions. And starting at Dh74,900 and topping out at Dh94,900, it is good value for money too. More next week.


The progress

Week 4
The Koleos’s infotainment software crashes, rendering the system unusable for nearly three minutes. Since it controls the AC too, it becomes a bit of a problem.

Highs: Very comfortable and roomy

Lows: Dodgy infotainment system software

Week 3
Deputy editor Sony reckons the Koleos has a neat interior. However, the placement of some switches is an ergonomic nightmare. It is a hugely practical car though.

Highs: Some ergonomic issues

Lows: Spacious cabin