It wasn’t the best of starts to the week when an unidentified sharp object decided it wanted to get cozy with our long-term S3’s rear left Bridgestone. Fortunately, this happened barely seconds before I pulled into a parking lot so it could’ve been a lot worse. But hey, this gave me a chance to check out the Audi Assist service which offers 24x7 roadside assistance… silver lining and all that.

So a quick call to Audi and a very friendly customer service agent named Christine, asked me a few basic questions regarding the car model and the nature of the problem and assured me that help would soon be on the way. Since this wasn’t catastrophic damage, a fine gent was sent across to replace the tyre for me... I’m lazy, I know.
The ever-so-friendly Christine meanwhile called me every 10 minutes to inform me about the location of the mechanic and how long it would take for him to reach the stricken S3. Sure enough within 30 minutes help had arrived and the tyre was changed pronto. However, since the S3 comes with a space saver the assistance from, er, Audi Assist informed me that I should not exceed 80kph.

Best of all, it was a mere 45 minutes between the time I placed the call to Audi and I was mobile again — that’s pretty good service I reckon.


The progress

Week 4
In Normal setting there is a substantial amount of turbo lag. You nail the throttle, the gearbox fumbles for a bit, eventually finds the right gear, and the right revs, the boost builds and you’re off. Yes, as long drawn-out as that sounds, this is exactly what happens. There is a good second or so between ask and receive. Just leave it in Dynamic.

Highs: Excellent transmission

Lows: Normal mode takes the joy out of driving the S3

Week 3
Everything from the buttons, knobs and even the infotainment screen is like a shrunken version of what you’d find in say, an RS 6. It gives the S3 almost a toy-like feel inside, but one with all the serious intent and performance chops. It gives it this playful persona which eggs you on to drive this car the way it is meant to.

Highs: Big on personality and character

Lows: Turbo lag