What a pleasure Jag’s first ever SUV has been to drive this week — and it’s all because I have had it in Dynamic mode but it’s not been all good. I’d like to start this update with a couple of negatives the first being the infotainment system. It threw an almighty fit the other night when all I’d asked it to do was to play my USB.

Maybe it was my choice of music that caused the screen to flicker violently and then shut down completely (Bob Dylan and Jeff Lynne aren’t that bad...) and without the assistance of the reversing camera, which usually relays a sharp image, backing up the Jag in a tight spot in the middle of the night proved a heck of a task.

The next glitch was with the sunroof. I had it open but now it wouldn’t fully close, no matter how many times I prodded the button on the headliner. I decided to leave it ajar to help air out the cabin (my footy kit’s been in there a whole week and it stinks!). When I sat in the padded driver’s seat the next day, whaddayaknow the pong had gone. Ah, but would the infotainment system be back to normal after a good night’s rest? Thankfully, yes. Leaving it be seemed to do the trick — and not only was the screen working again, I was met once more with the, er, soothing sounds of Dylan. Everything was going swimmingly (I hadn’t even mistakenly pressed the seat adjust button — see last week’s update...) but while on my way to work, I noticed another issue with the touchscreen, but this time it wasn’t because of any gremlins within the system — the reflection from the sun was so strong that it rendered the screen totally useless. This could be a bit of a problem in a region when the sun always has its hat on.

Anyway, with the Jag switched to its most sporty of settings (the gauges in the dash turn red as does the ambient lighting, which is usually a soothing blue) and the throttle and gearbox poised for action, the big SUV proves lots of fun to drive hard and you’re accompanied by a raucous exhaust note to boot. Eco may save some fuel but it also takes away a lot of our tester’s character. Remember, this is the F-Pace S; you’ve got a healthy 3.0-litre supercharged V6 with 375 horses waiting to be unleashed. Do it, fill it, repeat. Now, that’s fun.


The progress

Week 6
Electric windows are great — if you can locate the switch to operate them. It’d appear Jaguar wants to confuse us by placing the buttons that control all four windows at the very top of the driver side door card and just millimetres from the edge of the dash, rather than the place that almost all other carmakers opt for, that being on the armrest.

Highs: Very good family SUV

Lows: Some of the switchgear could be better placed

Week 5
It’s not the most comfortable car in its class, but its ride is more forgiving than, say, a Porsche Macan’s.

Highs: Good looks, dynamic

Lows: Ride could be smoother