You may remember last week that the S3 suffered a flat tyre but thanks to the ever-so-helpful Audi Assist service, we were able to nurse the car back to wheels HQ without a hitch.

However, when driving with a space saver, exceeding 80kph isn’t advisable and so for once, we had to take it easy with the throttle and if you thought this might have been boring, what with 290bhp on tap, think again.

Even with just three proper tyres the Audi proved so smooth on the move, and the cabin remained as serene as usual too. I believe this was the first time in over a month that Normal mode had been activated as it has been in Dynamic from day one where it’s proved to be a blast — but in the more sedate setting, you do detect a touch of turbo lag. It’s been an interesting experience driving what’s essentially a three-wheeler (the yellow space saver got some funny looks from others on the road; why can’t these come with a plastic hub cap at least?) but to be honest we can’t wait for the car to return from service and with a new Bridgestone in the back left corner so it can continue doing what it does best; be a thrill a minute.