It threw a fit or two in the eight weeks it’s been here but we’ve all enjoyed spending time with Jaguar’s first crossover – mostly because of its sublime chassis and that potent, supercharged V6. Striking to behold and confident on the move, it doesn’t come across as Coventry’s first CUV at all. From the bold front, purposeful profile and similar taillights to the F-Type (nice touch) it’s attractively styled and doesn’t pass by unnoticed, but looks better in brighter hues than the regulation white finish on our tester. No complaints about the interior (good fit and finish) but we’ve noticed a glitch with the parking sensors (seeing obstacles that aren’t there) and the infotainment system (it’s been flickering) but the ride and performance sure induced a large grin.

With plenty of power (375 horses) backed up by a barking exhaust note and nary a hint of roll in the corners when in Dynamic mode, the F-Pace S is one of the best family haulers out there and definitely deserves our 2017 Luxury Crossover of the Year award.