When you think of an environmentally friendly car, I bet the Prius is the first model that pops into your head. It isn’t the first hybrid that I have driven but it is one of the best.

There is a big difference between the Prius and other hybrid cars that I have driven, such as the Lexus RX450h. Our long-termer has been developed primarily to be environmentally friendly — and to look like a car of the future. You can see this in much of the car’s details; it has a unique exterior, an innovative cabin (I like the white trim that dominates the centre console and of course its advanced hybrid technology.

What interests me the most is the latter which is really impressive. Fuel consumption is around 5.0 litres per 100km which is a remarkable figure not least because there have been times when I’ve had my foot floored! And I am sure this average can be reduced further if I am a lot more judicious with the throttle. In fact, I will try that and see how I do.

Also, the switch from the electric motor to the petrol engine is ever so smooth; you can hardly notice it.