Things seem to be going well at wheels HQ and I say this because this is the first time I have ever received the keys to a long-termer and haven’t needed to take it for a car wash or fill the tank!

This made me happy but what pleased me more was the way the S3 switched character when I went from Comfort to Dynamic mode. You may recall our Audi was riding on a space saver for a while after the rear left wheel got a puncture and we could’t drive the car over 80kph. So, it was a relief to get a brand new tyre back there and unleash all the power once again — but this little beastie tricked me; I thought it was in its most peppy of settings when I drove it last week as the throtle response was good and the transmission was swapping the cogs pretty quickly but then it dawned on me that the S3 was actually in Efficiency mode but I didn’t notice.

It has 290 horsepower and that really is an impressive number especially when you consider the size and weight of this little sports saloon and in its most potent setting, it really comes alive; aside from the brilliant engine and transmission it is the sound of the exhaust that I really like and it sure adds to the pleasure of being behind the wheel of this car.

Audi S3 suffers a tad on interior room with the back seat legroom in particular a bit sparse

Its compact dimensions are a bit of a double-edged sword; with a length of 4,466mm and a width of 1,796mm the S3 is easy to drive and to park, however, it suffers a tad on interior room with the back seat legroom in particular a bit sparse.

That is really my only gripe with the car, for this week anyway. I seem to be falling in love with this one and if you will excuse me, I have some more driving to do...


The progress

Week 6
Even with just three proper tyres the Audi proved so smooth on the move, and the cabin remained as serene as usual too. I believe this was the first time in over a month that Normal mode had been activated as it has been in Dynamic from day one where it’s proved to be a blast — but in the more sedate setting, you do detect a touch of turbo lag.

Highs: Smooth ride — even with a space saver!

Lows: Turbo lag when in Comfort mode


Week 5
It wasn’t the best of starts to the week when an unidentified sharp object decided it wanted to get cozy with our long-term S3’s rear left Bridgestone but this gave me a chance to check out the Audi Assist service which offers 24x7 roadside assistance.

Highs: Excellent Audi Assist service

Lows: We have to drive slowly for a while...