It is rather sunny out these days and the harsh light can often wreak havoc when you are driving. At times, it is blinding and you need as much shade as you can get to be able to concentrate on the road.

Now usually, the very first thing that I do when any test car arrives at wheels HQ is to see if the sun visor slides across to cover the driver side window — and most of the time, they don’t. A lot of carmakers are still not bothering or they’re just plain forgetting this most simple of features. When the sun enters the cabin between the gap from the edge of the visor and the B-pillar and I can’t do anything about it (no, I will not stick a piece of paper there like I see most delivery vans and taxi drivers doing!) it makes me want to scream. It’s ever so annoying when I tug at the blind and it doesn’t budge. So, top marks to the Koleos which would appear to be one of very few vehicles that I have tested that is not inflicted by this annoying issue; its visor does slide across meaning you can block out those rays and press on with your journey shaded from the light. Well done to Renault — it might be trivial but it is actually vital in our region.

There’s further good news; I’ve grown used to the droning CVT (it’s either that or I’ve gone deaf...) and I don’t seem to be faffing about anymore trying to adjust the AC as I know the controls are hidden away in the infotainment system. No, this isn’t the ideal place but once you spend time with the crossover and figure out its shortcomings (such as the hidden switchgear; see last week’s issue for details) and you accept that the drivetrain has been designed to transport you from A to B with minimal fuss and certainly not spirited performance, the Koleos is quite endearing and goes about its business without much ado.

It’s going back now having spent eight weeks with the team and we’ve come away impressed with its smooth ride, light steering — which makes parking in a tight spot a breeze — and overall just how practical and comfortable it is.

If you’re after an affordable family hauler which also has very good road presence and you don’t mind a CVT, this will do nicely.