You wouldn’t be clutching this magazine if you weren’t deeply passionate about cars, but there are some models out there that enthusiasts view with some scorn. One such car is the Prius.

The hybrid is considered nothing more than a high-tech transportation appliance which doesn’t do anything other than deliver good fuel efficiency.

I would like to counter that opinion by suggesting that it can be fun to drive too when you press it into action. No, it won’t blow you away or pin you back in your seat and saying it is dynamic or sporty would be wide of the mark too, but, when you switch it to Power mode it feels a lot livelier and is more fun to drive than when it’s in Eco mode — but it still feels rather softly sprung and has some body roll to contend with. But, this was designed from the very beginning to offer high levels of comfort and more importantly, impressive fuel economy.

This do-gooder sure does both of these things very well indeed.


The progress

Week 3
The black and white interior looks great and has a soothing quality about it, while the shape of the dash is unlike any we have ever seen before. We love the distinctive blue trim around the air-conditioning vents, while visibility is very good. We find the position and design of the little gear lever strange but we are getting used to it.

Highs: Futuristic looking cabin and it’s spacious too

Lows: Infotainment system not the most intuitive

Week 2
Our long-termer has been developed primarily to be environmentally friendly — and to look like a car of the future. You can see this in much of the car’s details; it has a unique exterior, an innovative cabin (we like the white trim that dominates the centre console) and its advanced hybrid technology.

Highs: Unique exterior

Lows: Sun visor doesn’t slide to protect side of your face