We have had the S3 for more than two months now and all three of us in the wheels team love it to bits.

It has such a sublime chassis and a peppy little turbocharged four-pot which is accompanied by a raspy exhaust note. Throw in a superb steering too and sporty looks and there really isn’t much here to dislike. And when you swing open the small doors you are presented with a robust yet smart cabin which as you would expect from the German carmaker is exceptionally well built, however, I have encountered a couple of small issues with the otherwise brilliant Audi.

First of all, whenever I start the car I have to reset the AC to my desired preference — the car doesn’t save the settings. This can be a little annoying having to fiddle with the controls before you set off on your journey and wait for the cabin to cool (Ed: why don’t you just push the ‘Auto’ button like everyone else?) and the other little niggle that has presented itself is the keyless entry system.

Basically, you should be able to open the door just by grabbing the handle and without having to push the button on the key fob and you can lock the doors this way too — however, this doesn’t always work.

My final complaint is about the lack of legroom in the second row; with a wheelbase of just 2,637mm it is rather snug back there and head room is also a bit sparse as you only have 924mm back there but no such problems up front with there being 1,006mm of space for your bonce.


The progress

Week 8
Aside from the sharp graphics and user friendly interface, the screen itself can be raised and stowed at the touch of a button into the dash which is a neat feature. Some screens from other brands look like they were tacked on in the last minute and aren’t adjustable. Audi clearly put a lot more thought into the design of its impressive infotainment system than a few others and deserves a pat on the back for that.

Highs: Infotainment system

Lows: Turbo lag when in Comfort mode

Week 7
It has 290 horsepower and that really is an impressive number especially when you consider the size and weight of this little sports saloon and in its most potent setting, it really comes alive.

Highs: Really enjoyable to drive, exhaust note

Lows: Rear seat legroom not the best