In its final week at wheels HQ our ace snapper and Golf GTI fanboy Stefan borrowed the Audi for a day and he very nearly went and signed on the dotted line for one. Blimey, what an impact!

He was bowled over by the S3’s sublime handling, vice-like grip, power and that boisterous exhaust. We’ve been harping on about the same things over the last 10 weeks and truth be told, we’d all love to own this car. There hasn’t been a long-termer in recent memory that has made such an impression on us. Now that it’s gone, Sony, Kinan, Stefan and I feel as if we all have a massive void in our lives and even thundering around in the Corvette Grand Sport the very next day didn’t help ease my pain... Ok, I’m exaggerating, it did — the Chevy was incredible (full review in the July 21st issue) but the S3 is one of the most dynamic and fun to drive small saloons out there.

Want a practical four-door with lots of power and a brilliant chassis? Then look no further than this awesome Audi.


The progress

Week 9
It has such a sublime chassis and a peppy little turbocharged four-pot which is accompanied by a raspy exhaust note. Throw in a superb steering too and sporty looks and there really isn’t much here to dislike.  And when you swing open the small doors you are presented with a robust yet smart cabin.

Highs: Excellent build quality

Lows: Lack of space in the second row

Week 8
Aside from the sharp graphics and user friendly interface, the screen itself can be raised and stowed at the touch of a button into the dash which is a neat feature. Some screens from other brands look like they were tacked on in the last minute and aren’t adjustable. Audi clearly put a lot more thought into the design of its impressive infotainment system than a few others and deserves a pat on the back for that.

Highs: Infotainment system

Lows: Turbo lag when in Comfort mode