The Civic has departed wheels HQ having made a solid impression during the month it was in our possession.

Granted, this wasn’t nearly enough time to see if things would go awry — I’d imagine it’d be several years before the Honda begins to show any signs of age as it’s solidly built and has a durable interior — but if you’re considering buying this well-mannered saloon then it’s good to know that maintaining it is a piece of cake.

For instance, the cost of a minor and major service from Al-Futtaim ranges from Dh700 to Dh1,400 respectively (the first 1k won’t cost you anything at all) and it only takes from two to five hours. Although a courtesy car isn’t offered as standard there is at least an option of buying a service contract that includes one if you really need it.

Now, with our busy lifestyles and demanding schedules, eating can often slip your mind and so it’s very likely that you’ll totally forget that the time has come to service your car. Well, you won’t because a service reminder will be sent to you via SMS 15 days prior to the service date. If you have a memory like a sieve, Al-Futtaim’s got your back; you’ll get a service reminder call seven days before it’s due and you’ll get one more call a day before the service date. You can also book your car in on a date that’s convenient for you.

In the unlikely event that you happen to break down (the car, not you...), it’s heartening to learn that Honda offers roadside assistance 24 hours a day seven days a week for five years with unlimited mileage. Throw in the fact that the Civic is a good all rounder (it has a very comfortable and spacious interior, offers a smooth ride, very good visibility and is easy to manoeuvre) looks far more attractive now compared to previous generations and can be had for a starting price of just Dh67,900, it isn’t a surprise that this is the first choice for many who wish for hassle-free motoring.

It hasn’t put a foot wrong and it’s behaved impeccably — but here’s the rub; it’s been gone a whole week and I’ve not thought about it for a second. When all is said and done, the Civic serves a very specific yet important purpose and that is to keep you on the move without a fuss or be a financial drain. I wouldn’t envisage anyone would wake up extra early on the weekend and head to their favourite road alone with the car and their smartphones probably won’t contain a single image of it.

No, you can’t love a Civic, but you sure can appreciate it.


The progress

Week 1
Back in the day, if you wanted to stand out you wouldn’t buy one of these, but now you might. It’s bigger than the predecessor (105mm longer and 44mm wider) and the liftback profile may even turn a few heads. It gives it the appearance of a hatchback, but it’s a saloon, and a decently styled one too. On the safety front it gets two airbags, ESP, ABS with EBD, hill-start assist and a tyre-pressure monitor.

Highs: Decent styling, roomy cabin

Lows: CVT, not the most potent of motors

Week 2
There are other aspects of the Civic that have grown on me too such as its practicality, ride comfort and best of all the fact you can start the car up via a button on the key fob which also turns on the AC meaning the interior isn’t burning hot even if the car has been parked under the sun all day. I can’t speak highly enough about this feature, especially since we’re in the peak of summer and cabins can get boiling hot. This single piece of tech has made me really appreciate the Civic and my singe-free hands (and bottom) thank it immensely.

Highs: Smooth ride, easy to manoeuvre

Lows: Position of the steering wheel adjust lever leaves a lot to be desired!

Week 3
Even though this 10th generation Civic is significantly longer, wider, sits lower to the ground and overall is better looking and far more distinctive than the predecessor, unfortunately, it still doesn’t seem to garner much respect from other motorists on the road. The lengthened wheelbase (2,700mm) affords rear seat passengers with ample legroom (950mm) and along with the 942mm headroom, it is very roomy back there. And with a boot space of 478 litres you can go crazy in the mall/grocery store!

Highs: Large boot

Lows: Doesn’t command much respect on the road