The entire wheels crew has had a go in the CR-V and come away impressed but what exactly does your Dh125,900 for this top spec AWD Touring get you? Quite a lot is the answer to that little conundrum.

Honda totally redesigned the model for 2017 and it sure has paid off. For starters, the premium cabin is loaded with tech and kit and above all proves a very comfortable place to while away those painful hours stuck in traffic. It is rated top-in-class for interior space and it has the best rear seat legroom in its segment too thanks to a wheelbase of 2,660mm meaning those at the back can stretch out. Indeed, all five passengers will be seated with a smile in the CR-V and the more they poke and prod at the cabin the bigger it’ll grow; with upgraded materials used throughout, more intricately stitched seats and a new soft-touch instrument panel, there’s much to like in here. It also packs a colour TFT driver information interface which displays all sorts of info including average fuel consumption, AWD torque identification, turn-by-turn navigation and best of all a Driver Attention Monitor (it can detect if you’re feeling fatigued and alert you with a series of visual and audio prompts to take a break) along with a 7.0in touchscreen (lower spec DX and LX trims get a 5.0in screen) with an Android operating system compatible with Apple CarPlay and AndroidAuto platforms allowing key smartfone features to be seamlessly integrated.

There’s a host of safety systems in there too from the Honda Lane Watch which uses a camera placed in the passenger side door mirror and displays an image on the touchscreen of the right lane to help you see if any vehicles are there before you turn, and the Multi Angle Rearview Camera which makes parking a breeze.

That’s not all, the CR-V utilises a plethora of advanced safety systems to give you peace of mind when travelling with loved ones from the Electronic Brake Booster (EBB; it replaces the conventional vacuum Brake Booster and can build superior hydraulic pressure quicker with less pedal effort in all braking situations) Vehicle Stability Assist (VSA) with Traction Control Systems (TCS), Anti-Lock Brake Systems (ABS), Agile Handling Assist, Tyre Pressure Monitor System (TPMS), and Hill Start Assist (HSA). You’ll be as safe as houses with all that tech working away in the background and when you throw in smart entry and remote engine start, Auto Dimming Rear View Mirror, front USB ports, rear 2.5A USB charging ports, driver’s seat with eight-way power adjustment (passenger seat has four-way) and many more comfort and convenience features, that Dh125,900 will suddenly seem like money well spent.

You’ll be paying the same for a top spec Toyota RAV4 while a Titanium trim Ford Escape is Dh14k more. I know which one I’d opt for.