I can’t recommend the Malibu enough if you’re in the market for a medium-size saloon which is practical and comfortable.

You must be saying, “hang on a minute Imran, there are plenty of models around in this segment that offer this” and you’d be spot on. However, that’s the problem with several of them — that’s all they really have to offer. They were built with seemingly only one purpose in mind and that’s to get you from A to B with minimal fuss — or fun. They don’t impress when you drive a little more enthusiastically once little Johnny has been dropped off to school and the groceries stored away in the kitchen.

However, this one has very good driving dynamics indeed along with all the practicality you could wish for to boot — ah, and an ever so generously sized boot too. It has 455 litres of space which Chevrolet claims is one of the largest in its class and I can certainly testify to that. It easily swallowed a chunky three-piece coffee table set with room to spare during a shopping trip to the cheapest store that I could find in Satwa last week. I’m perennially broke — I’ve got two classic American muscle cars you see and the budget only stretches so far...

I have harped on about the blown four-pot under the bonnet, the slick six-speed automatic that it is mated to which sends the grunt to the front (you get wheel spins galore with traction control off...) and its impressive chassis, steering with good feedback and robust brakes almost every week. And in the month and a half that it’s been at wheels HQ nothing has fallen off, fractured or failed. I can’t say the same for that coffee table set — one of the legs is already wobbling. In fact, the only thing that bothered me about the car — which was the sun visor that liked to beat me up — now makes me smile when I think back.

Another gratifying outcome of the Chevy’s long-term stay here was that it convinced wheels reader Ravi Kottapar to buy a Malibu 2.0 LT. Hope you’re enjoying your ride, Ravi!