Minivans, or rather MPVs as most manufacturers would want you to call them, have never found much favour here at wheels. While we tend to chase our contacts at dealerships and regional offices checking about availability of certain sportscars and luxobarges, the same doesn’t happen when a new MPV is launched. Understandably, MPVs are generally boring and with humongous proportions, they should be really sloppy in terms of dynamics too, right? Well, not if the MPV in question is a Honda Odyssey. Although I have driven the Odyssey many times over the last decade and have been surprised by its drivability, test driving the 2018 model a couple of months ago had me even more impressed. Now that the press tester isn’t as busy as it was then, Honda has lent it to us for a long-term review, and it’s going to be here for the next six weeks.

The Odyssey previously used to be underpinned by the Accord platform, but the new model shares its base with the current Pilot. But still, for a vehicle that measures 5,161mm in length, 1,994mm in width, 1,735mm in height and has a massive 3,000mm wheelbase, it feels remarkably taut and manageable. With an impressively small turning radius and a responsive steering, the MPV drives like a saloon. Apart from styling updates, the new model also introduces a 10-speed transmission, a highly flexible seating system and a host of technology features that keeps it up to date.

We will bring you detailed reviews of all these aspects of the MPV in the coming weeks so watch this space if you’re after a family hauler, because this could be it.