Last week, the Acadia heroically proved that it can easily accommodate four hefty guys in the second and third rows, but it  ppears to have done do so at a cost — I noticed the very next day that the rear right tyre was flat...

Now, let me make clear that I am in no way suggesting that the weight of my three esteemed wheels colleagues — which I estimate to be anywhere between 500kg to 1,500 — caused this (I am, really...) and regardless of how it happened, a quick stop at the nearest petrol station was required to refill it. Fortunately, I only had to drive about 1km before an Emarat emerged (warning: unless you have run flats it’s never a good idea to travel a long distance with the rim of the wheel riding on the tyre tread or the ground — this could potentially result in the loss of control of the vehicle not to mention irreparable damage to the wheel) but remarkably, the GMC still drove along as smoothly as it had been the previous weeks when the tyres were fine. It did feel a little strange with the giant chromed nose pointing skywards and the morning peace was being disrupted by the “thunk, thunk, thunk” sound created, but when I pulled in and stepped out the extent of the problem presented itself. The poor 235/55 Continental had been pierced by a large nail. I gamely tried to put some air in but knew from the loud hissing that this would be pointless. Anyway, since it was due for its 20,000km maintenance schedule, our Denali tester was taken via a recovery truck to the Al Ghandi Service centre. Next week’s report will detail what they did, how long it took and what it would cost owners.

I’ll be glad to get it back because I’m missing this hunky SUV but in the meantime, I want to praise the Acadia’s connectivity systems; it offers the latest safety and infotainment innovations including a handy rear-seat reminder and navigation with intellilink.

Starting with the former, it is activated when a second-row door is opened and closed before you set off and then when you shut the engine down, five audible chimes and a message in the driver information centre remind you to check the second-row.

Now, we read all too often about children being forgotten in cars — and with summer approaching fast this can be extremely dangerous. This clever piece of tech could potentially save lives. The latter keeps your infotainment simple and features voice-recognition and touch screen technology so that you can listen to your favourite music, make phone calls from your smartphone (or USB-enabled device) hassle-free. It boasts Text Message Alerts, Apple CarPlay and Android Auto compatibility.

However, nothing has put a bigger smile on my face than the... sun visor! Why? Because it’s one of all too few which can slide across the driver window to block out the rays from the entering between the top edges of the B-pillar. Sure, all the wizbangery is good — but sometimes the most simplistic of things are better.