One hour. That is the tiny length of time it took to get our long-terming Acadia back, fully serviced and driving like new again. And there I was thinking it would be missing in action for several days. I had clearly not accounted for the brilliant and speedy service by the highly skilled technicians at the Al Ghandi Auto centre.

To recap, the GMC was taken away via a recovery truck last week as it was due for its 20,000km service. Why didn’t I drive it there myself, you ask? Because it had a flat tyre and since I was wearing my good shirt (yes, I do have one...) I didn’t want to get it messy. Ok fine, the actual reason was because I knew changing the flat myself would require a fair amount of effort and I didn’t want to pull a muscle. Alright, fine! I didn’t even contemplate doing it myself why would I when all I needed was to call the service centre and make a booking for the SUV to be serviced? So that’s what I did and a time which suited me was soon agreed upon, a recovery truck was despatched and arrived at the scene within minutes and I loaded the delightful Denali on to the back of it and then trudged off to the nearest coffee shop for a bite while pondering if I’d be able to get my hands on a new test car while the GMC was getting a check-up. I wouldn’t need another car as the phone rang again and the courteous lady that had made my booking was now informing me that I could come and collect the Acadia literally 60 minutes of it arriving at the Dubai, Times Square Al Ghandi branch! Had they just washed it, I wondered? Nope. Turns out that between 12-1pm, the boys had replaced the punctured tyre, changed the engine oil, changed the oil filter, changed the air filter, and changed the passenger compartment air filter. They even topped up the coolant, power-steering fluid and differential fluid. Impressed? Wait, it get’s even better. Somehow, they even found time to take it for a test drive to make sure it wasn’t pulling left or right having also done a wheel alignment — and all of this after they had given it a comprehensive 21-point check which included inspection of the suspension, the fuel system, the brake system, the exhaust system, the battery and terminals, operation of the headlights, taillights and even the liftgate. The attention to detail left me astounded. They’d even thought to replenish the windscreen washer fluid. This 20,000km maintenance costs Dh787 (I didn’t have to foot the bill since the GMC isn’t mine...) and perhaps most surprising of all was the call I got three days later. It was Hassan Amer — the friendly service advisor — checking to see if everything was ok. Now that’s customer service for you!

However, I have finally detected where this annoying rattling sound which has been driving me crazy has been coming from. It’s the sliding cover below the sunroof. Since this is right above my head, I can’t do much about that bothersome noise from entering my ears, but I have found a wonderful yet simple solution; I merely have to turn up the volume on the brilliant  sound system.

I’ll tell you one thing, Bob Dylan never sounded this good...


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