Our CX-5 has been running like a charm ever since we received it over five weeks ago. There’s been hardly anything to really moan about, it’s gone about its business in a quiet and unassuming manner and has been a joy to drive. We aren’t expecting any serious issues to crop up either, not least when it only has a little over 5k on the clock (and been driven with care) and indeed, nothing worrying has happened. Long may that continue. But, there are quite a few out there who abuse their cars and so keeping on top of its service schedule should be of paramount importance.

If you neglect this like all those dentist or doctors’ appointments, there’s going to be trouble ahead. You’re putting it at risk of a breakdown and costly repair bills down the line and I dread to think what your teeth are like or how high your cholesterol levels are...

Your pride and joy has to be kept in top shape so that it’s running properly and reliably. Think about it — apart for a villa or apartment, your car is probably going to be the most costly purchase you’ll make, and with it comprising a lot of moving parts, you have to look after this sophisticated piece of machinery or you can kiss that investment goodbye. It’s always good to pop the bonnet and take a look at what’s going on under there but a service from the dealership will delve far deeper than merely checking the engine oil or coolant. It is heartening to know that Galadari offers a comprehensive 50 point check when it’s time to service your Mazda.

During this service, the technicians will inspect everything; from the engine compartment (including power steering fluid, drive belt condition, spark plugs the battery terminals) under the body and around the wheel (engine and transmission mounts, exhaust gas leakage, brake pad condition and more) to even the lighting system and interior — it’s basically bumper to bumper.

Service costs for the CX-5 range from Dh900 (10K service), Dh1,200 (20K service) and Dh1,740 (40K service) and these are subject to discounts of up to 20 per cent. Galadari offers a shuttle service to the nearest metro station, a drop off service for those unable to collect their car during working hours and provides a courtesy vehicle — not that you’ll need it when the express service only takes 1 hour.

If you haven’t been on top of the service intervals and your car is showing signs of neglect, worry not — they also have a 24 hour recovery service just in case it gives up the ghost when you’re out and about.

Sadly, they can’t do a thing about your chiclets...


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