This tenth-generation Accord is a big deal and I don’t just mean for Honda. It dabbles in the once-dominant mid-size family saloon segment which has been playing second fiddle to the onslaught of compact and mid-size crossover SUVs for sometime now. Can it, and its rivals get buyers interested in this class once more?

It’s in a very competitive field and there are several impressive models that could stake a claim of being the best. The likes of the Mazda 6, Toyota Camry, Kia Optima and Nissan Altima immediately spring to mind while the Malibu deserves a special mention because Chevrolet’s turbocharged four-pot is very good to drive. However, during my very first week with our electric blue, blown 2.0-litre 10-speed auto tester, I reckon Honda’s flagship — one of the most significant cars sold in this region — is still the car that all of the others must try to beat — or at least catch.

Not every iteration of the Accord has been a game-changer, but this one sure seems like it is. Engineers of all of its rivals must be scratching their heads wondering how Honda got it so right with this version. Remember, it doesn’t have a V6 anymore and isn’t available as a coupe either, even though it sure looks like one. The swoopy aesthetics are backed by either our 2.0-litre or a smaller 1.5-litre blown four. The latter comes with a CVT which we were offered but, ahem, we politely declined.

Over the next three weeks, we’ll be giving you our thoughts on its performance, practicality, tech, safety and kit — but this early on, I already have a feeling it’s still the leader of the pack.


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