I am enjoying the Accord and it is all down to a simple push of a button. I have switched drive modes from Econ (that’s ‘economy’) to Sport (erm, really?) and it has made being behind the wheel far more smile inducing. On the downside however, this has played havoc with our Honda’s fuel economy.

Last week, I was pleased to note that the handsome saloon had only consumed 10.2 litres per 100km (which is what you would expect from the VTEC turbocharged four-pot with Earth Dreams Technology that Honda says is able to be frugal yet offer spirited performance) but, the tenth-gen model did not feel happy at all in this fuel saving mode.

The throttle felt numb, the 10-speed automatic transmission was shifting up to cogs eight, nine and ten as quickly as possible and it took an age for the RPMs to build all in the name of fuel efficiency. Granted, Econ did what was asked of it, though the Accord felt very subdued. Now that the leash has been removed, this mid-size saloon has transformed.

I am getting readings of 14.8 litres per 100km now and will need to fill up asap because it is running on fumes already. This is not entirely down to my lead right foot folks — it only has a 56 litre fuel tank (it’s smaller than its main rival, the Camry which has a 60 litre one...) but I can’t wait to enjoy the full brunt of those 247 horses that the 2.0-litre is blessed with, again. It is a torquey little unit too; mash the throttle from a dead stop and the front wheels plead for life — that’s even with traction control deployed. Give it the day off and there’s no end to the hoonery. The 370Nm of torque is available from as low as 1,500rpm to 3,500rpm and the delivery of power is smooth and predictable making it easy to keep in a straight line. Long gone are the days of the old school turbos; though the lump of power in one go was fun (nothing, nothing, noth... OMG I’m off!), it was dangerous too. Looking at you, 930 Turbo, aka the Widowmaker...

Next week, we’ll take a look at what sort of wizbangery the Accord is packing.


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