The QX80 has been with us for four weeks now, and while the overall impression is still positive, there are a few small details that we noticed, which would have made the Infiniti an even more attractive proposition. Although the mid-cycle refresh it received last year has made the QX80 a much better looking vehicle than its predecessor, its age is apparent from the lack of certain features that have
come to be standard in almost every other flagship SUV.

The most conspicuous one of these is the soft-close doors, or the absence thereof. Having been in use since the late 2000s, this feature has now become available in almost every leading luxury car. So it’s only natural for customers to expect this to be a standard feature in a range-topping model with a starting price of Dh322,250. For a large SUV with relatively heavy doors, this is one feature that should not have been overlooked.

Another feature that is now common even in lower end crossovers but absent in the QX80 is the auto folding side mirrors. Considering its substantial width, having this as standard would have been handy. You can still close the mirrors electronically by pressing a button, but at this price point, these are chores the car should be taking care of and not leave to the driver to remember. 

However, these minor quibbles aside, the QX80 does come packed with a host of driver aids and safety technologies. Using five cameras and three radars to read the road ahead and monitor the vehicle’s surroundings, it offers Lane Departure Warning and Prevention, Intelligent Cruise Control, Distance Control Assist, Predictive Forward Collision Warning, Forward Emergency Braking, Blind Spot Warning and Intervention and Backup Collision Intervention, among others.

The Blind Spot Warning is actually very useful as the car does have an area on the right side that the side mirror misses. Intelligent Cruise Control works well, but braking is a bit too late for comfort, and acceleration back to the set speed is rather sluggish.

The QX80 has got all the features you would reasonably want in a family hauler. However, the ones missing are made more obvious by its market positioning.


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