It’s been six weeks already and that means it’s time to bid farewell to the QX80 and it leaves behind mostly good impressions. Despite its age showing in certain areas, our time with the Infiniti has reinforced our decision to select it as the Best Premium SUV at the wheels Car of the Year awards early last year.

Its strong, proven underpinnings shared with the Y62 Nissan Patrol, spacious and luxuriously appointed interior and the 400bhp, 560Nm naturally aspirated 5.6-litre V8 engine all combine well to make it one of the best large premium SUVs on the market today.

While it was already selling well here, the makeover that the current model has received increases its appeal, and makes it an even more attractive proposition than the Nissan Patrol thanks to its more unique appearance and the imposing façade.

While the upscale cabin has abundant room for passengers, we had previously noted that cargo space is a bit limited with all three rows of seats up. However, this week I had to take visiting family to the airport and the QX80 effortlessly devoured two suitcases, along with a 49in television and a sound system in their respective cartons and still accommodated four adults in comfort.

The other minor complaints we had were the lack of features such as soft-close doors and auto folding side mirrors. It is understandable that incorporating these into a mid-cycle update could have been a challenge, but we do hope the next generational update will feature all these as standard.

Overall, the Infiniti QX80 is a great buy for someone who wants to get all the goodness of a Patrol, but wants his ride to stand out from the crowd of ubiquitous Nissans.


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