I know all of you would be keen to know all about the Camry Hybrid’s fuel efficiency record. Of course, as promised, these will be monitored and recorded over the test drive period (it’s already improved over two weeks). However, before going in detail into the frugality of the drivetrain, I thought I must mention a few other, very important aspects of the new Camry.

It’s incredible how the mid-size saloon has transformed from being the epitome of vanilla to one of the most desirable models in its class. It’s heartening to see that Toyota’s designers have finally thrown caution and restraint in styling to the wind, and the result is a truly good looking saloon with a brawny profile. It’s arguably more attractive than many of its traditional rivals and looks especially sexy striking in this bright blue hue. In fact, for the first time behind the wheel of a Camry, I notice people checking the car out at parking lots and while driving past.

While the Camry’s cabin as upmarket or premium looking as that of its larger sibling, the Avalon, it has all the fundamental elements that make a great family car. The cabin is spacious and seats, both front and rear, are well contoured and offer reasonably good support to driver and passengers. The no-nonsense layout of the cockpit makes it easy to access and use controls, making it all the more easy to live with on a daily basis.

Toyota has also managed to address a common problem with hybrid saloons, the battery pack encroaching precious cargo space. The Camry Hybrid offers a full-size trunk with no annoying intrusion forcing you to give up practicality.

Dependability and strong resale have always been the Camry’s selling points. But now there’s the additional aspect of sharp styling that could prove enticing for many prospective customers. And this being a hybrid, it doesn’t end there.


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