We’ve handed back the key and feel a little down in the dumps because this freshly redesigned for the 2019 model-year A6 proved to be a healthy mix of style and opulence all in a comfortable four-door package and we’re missing it already. The luxurious saloon had tech that could rival a space shuttle and plenty of performance to boot.

Over the last four weeks, we found plenty to like about it such as its MMI Touch Response system (in fact, aside from using it the way you’re supposed to, we couldn’t help doing fun little doodles on it!) which was probably the highlight inside the car while on the outside, we never tired of seeing the fascinating LED light show which greeted us every time we approached it. That animated illumination dance made the car feel alive.

Photo: Imran Malik

It wasn’t perfect, there were a couple of tiny issues such as the steering wheel controls were a little too easy to accidentally touch when cornering and although Dynamic mode was my favourite setting as it really awoke the 3.0-litre turbo V6 and made the A6 feel more playful, we wish that the exhaust note could have made a sportier sound to provide an extra thrill especially when downshifting.

But overall, it represents a massive leap forward when compared to its predecessor in every single area and if the Mercedes-Benz E-Class and BMW 5 Series thought they still had this class all to themselves, well, they’re wrong. The A6 looks smart, drives really well and packs some incredible tech and kit. Sure, the 5 Series now has a lower curb weight (BMW’s carbon fibre-reinforced plastic technology can be thanked for that) and the drop in heft has improved efficiency too. It has a good interior which comes with Bimmer’s latest tech including of course gesture control (and a 10.25in infotainment screen) while the E-Class also has plenty to shout about including a 12.3in digital screen – the biggest of the three and a nine-speed auto, meaning more ratios than the others too – but the main thing that wins us over about the A6 is its interior. We reckon it is the best in class as it blends futuristic techno-cool with Audi's traditional luxury goodness with ease and when you throw in the handsome exterior and terrific performance and its do-it-all attitude, the Audi is a rock solid choice in this segment.

If you opt for it over its German rivals, we would not blame you one little bit.