Many of you may think a fashion stylist’s job is an ultra-glamorous one, but in truth it’s quite the opposite. My working life largely revolves around transporting unfeasible loads of clothes and shoes across the city, between shopping malls and photo shoots.

A reliable, efficient and spacious car is therefore a must. So when the wheels boys lent me the Mazda 2 for a week I was slightly sceptical at first. While I loved its compact sleek design, it seemed too small for the task at hand. How was I ever going to fit literally thousands of dirhams worth of clothing and kicks into this little thing?

But swing open the door and you are greeted with a surprisingly roomy cabin that belies the car’s tiny footprint. There is plenty of passenger space and the boot can swallow a shocking amount of handbags, amused looks from the valet notwithstanding.

On the move the 2 is smooth and fuss free, and best of all its really, really easy to park in the tightest of spaces — that’s ideal when you spend a fair part of your day in shopping malls. The reversing camera is a neat addition, too.

Another thing that’s worth a mention as singe-specification Arabian summer approaches is how quickly the air-conditioning works in the 2. It cools the cabin right down within seconds, which is exactly what I want in a car after lugging all those heavy bags around.

The interior is neat, and somewhat reminiscent of my old Mini Cooper, albeit without dozens of buttons and knobs. It’s functional but not utilitarian in its execution and that’s a good thing.

Finally, the fuel economy is also much better than I’d expected with a tank of petrol lasting an entire week of driving up and down Shaikh Zayed Road. In essence, the Mazda 2 fits right in with a fashion stylist’s job.

To be honest, though, I could get used to this whole automotive journalism thing. Write in and let the wheels guys know what you thought of this report... I hear there is a Bentley that needs testing. Now that would be glamorous.

The progress

Week 7 The 2 is averse to large suitcases as is evidenced by a recent airport run. Manages to do the job eventually, albeit not as well as one would expect.

Highs Four adults can travel in reasonable comfort over short journeys.

Lows Large Samsonite-shaped objects pose an issue.

Week 6 The Mazda 2 stands apart from its many rivals, making no promises about lifestyle and quirkiness, focusing instead on things that matter more; safety and driving dynamics.

Highs Great to drive.

Lows Not as feature-laden as some of its competitors.

Week 5 While Amit’s four-year-old thinks the 2 is a racecar, there is some debate about its looks at the wheels HQ. Cream-coloured two-tone interior stains easily, too.

Highs Fuel efficient yet fun.

Lows Digital fuel indicator is, er, optimistic.