It’s a proper attention grabber, the GT. Flick it to Sport+ mode, engage manual gear changes and it sounds almost exactly like the SLS, which is to say it’s absolutely bonkers. It’s still got the lazy muscle-car V8 burble rather than high-pitched V10 shenanigans, but what’s truly incredible is how AMG boffins have managed to make a turbocharged engine sound this raw and guttural. Lift off and it snaps, crackles and pops like a racecar. A good supercar/sportscar isn’t just about pace; it’s how well it fulfils your various sensory needs apart from speed. The sound, the character; these are things that comprise a memorable driving experience. And the AMG GT S truly delivers on that front.

There are some niggles, too, and they are, surprisingly for a company as large as Mercedes, obvious things that the intern in the design studio should’ve caught. The stubby gear lever is positioned too far back, which is a bit rubbish if you’re vertically challenged like me and have to pull the driver’s seat forward. Oh, and from my driving position all I can see on the sat-nav screen is a reflection of the passenger’s seat. Not cool.