It’s startling how sometimes the simplest technology is often the one that’s most frustrating in modern cars. Bluetooth connectivity is one of them. Over the years I’ve driven several high-end cars that make this basic task a proper pain in the derrière. Our long-term Merc GLC, for instance, seems recalcitrant to connect to my phone.

The 2 on the other hand has robust phone connectivity. It hooks up the moment you get inside the car and without any hassle. Heck, there is even a nice lady in the computer that tells you that you are receiving a call, just to ensure that you don’t accidentally mistake the ring tone for the latest Drake “song”.

On a different note, the 2 seems to be a big hit with the kids. While Amit’s son finds it indistinguishable from the Ferrari F40, my four-year-old daughter loves going for a drive in it. Perhaps it’s the cheeky red paint job or the lovable diminutive proportions. Either way, it’s a great little car.