A month in and the GLC continues to prove its credentials as a fantastic family hauler. However, praise is nothing without context. For instance, I’m the best snooker player at wheels HQ, but then half of the team can barely tell the right side of the cue. That doesn’t exactly make me Stephen Hendry, does it?

So, how does the GLC stack against its key rivals? The short answer is, very favourably. The comparable BMW X3 xDrive 28i has identical performance specifications. Both produce 245 horsepower from their 2.0-litre turbocharged engines and will hit the 100kph marker from standstill in 6.5 seconds. The Lexus NX, meanwhile, lags behind with 235bhp. Also, I’m going to ignore the Audi Q5 for the purpose of this report, because it’s older than my grandad.

Price-wise, the Lexus is the cheapest, starting from Dh160,000 and topping out at Dh205,000 and the BMW, expectedly, is the most expensive at Dh250K in comparable trim. The base GLC 300 costs Dh210K and includes everything the best-kitted NX offers and then some.

I have driven all three on separate occasions and the BMW is undeniably the sportiest, while the Lexus is the most comfortable. Although the latter is a bit bouncy on rough roads. The GLC sits slap-bang in the middle in terms of its driving dynamics and ride comfort. It has arguably, struck the best balance for a family car.

However, in the weekly wheels tradition of nitpicking, I’d like to point out that placing the touch pad just behind the main controller for the Comand system wasn’t a great idea. You end up changing the radio station as your palm inadvertently brushes against the touch pad when you operate any of the buttons in its proximity. It’s deeply annoying. I hate EDM.

The progress

Week 4 The placement of the fire extinguisher under the driver’s seat makes getting in and out much harder than it needs to be. Cargo space is comparable to rivals like the X3.

Highs Loads of room.

Lows Ingress and egress.