OK, this week I’ve got a weird whinge. The AC fan on the Mercedes GLC is unfeasibly loud when it’s at full whack. And when I say loud I literally mean it’s can’t-hear-the-radio-anymore loud. Even more annoyingly, when you turn down the fan speed it goes from hurricane mode to asthmatic rodent mode. There seems to be no in-between setting.

On the upside, though, the air vents look quite nice with the metal finish and everything that you touch in cabin has an air of quality to it. All the buttons and knobs are finely crafted, and bar the slightly flimsy wooden inserts it’s all suitably upscale.

The engine is amongst the better turbo four-pots on the market and the acceleration is almost hot hatch spec. The 2.0-litre lump in rival Lexus NX by contrast is decidedly more wheezy and not very pleasant to hear when you give it a bootful. Fuel economy has slumped a bit this week to 16 litres per 100km, though.