This week I really do have to moan about the low speed ride quality of the GT. On badly surfaced and cobbled roads, it is spine shatteringly stiff in Sport+. Forget speed humps, even rumble strips are a properly unsettling prospect; a Porsche 911 Turbo in comparison feels as comfortable as a family hatchback. Things improve in Comfort mode, but the GT is generally harsher than you’d expect around town. Things are very, very different when you’re on a smoothly-surfaced highway — the primary ride quality isn’t bad. So you could drive this car over reasonably long distances.

Despite the ride, even the shortest drive in the GT is something of an occasion. It’s unnecessary in so many ways, but gosh it excites and amazes every time you get behind the wheel. Not something that I can say about the aforementioned 911 Turbo, which although likely a better car overall, isn’t quite as engaging. I respect the 911 for its engineering brilliance, but I love the GT. It’s better even when it’s worse.