Welcome back to wheels, Matt! We last saw you over three years ago and back then you had a lovely 1967 Karmann Ghia and a really cool, very low-mile 2001 Esprit V8. Do you still have them?

Thanks for inviting me back again! Not long after that article I relocated to Dallas, Texas for a while. Try as I might I couldn’t take either car with me, the Karmann Ghia had left the US on a salvage certificate so I couldn’t take it back there and I also couldn’t get them to accept the Esprit as a federalised car — even though it had the badges and letters from Lotus. Sadly I gave in on both and sold them. The good news is they are both in good hands; the Ghia went back to Germany for a full restoration and the Lotus is in a collection in the UK. I often lament many of the cars I have sold, but those two hurt more than most.

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